It means something different for everyone.

@aquila works with you to identify and capitalize on new opportunities

that will help achieve your organization's unique definition of growth.


Decades of experience. 

C-level connections. 

Hands-on and collaborative.

Disruptive yet disciplined.


@aquila is a global consulting firm made-up of industry veterans that have proven their ability to scale businesses across sectors and functional areas. We enable our clients reach their current objectives, identify paths for expansion, and capitalize on new opportunities; all without going through the costly, timely and uncertain process of hiring proven, top-tier talent.

From day 1 of an engagement, we function as a part of your existing team. We dive into your existing products, strategies, customers and more to gain a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges you are faced with. In our day-to-days we co-ordinate with all levels of your organization, while simultaneously maintaining transparency with senior management on our findings and progress. Lastly, we design and implement tailor-made, innovative solutions that leverage our team's extensive learnings from past experiences and industry relationships.




Whether you are an established company preparing for the next step or a startup looking to scale, we can help you achieve your goals faster, at a lower cost and more sustainably.


Travel Technology

Our team's deep understanding of, and relationships with, buyers of travel technology enables us to help our clients go to market with a new product, find product market fit, expand into new geographies, and much more. 

Commercial Aviation

We have extensive experience in the many areas that define the commercial aviation business. We do not only deal with broad strategy, but are able to dive into specific verticals such as ancillary revenues, loyalty, operations and more.


Just like we do in the commercial aviation industry, we leverage our expertise and creativity to advise our hospitality clients on both general organizational strategy and growing in specific areas of their businesses.

Expansion into Travel

Our decades of experience in travel, tourism and hospitality gives us the unique ability to advise companies whose businesses are traditionally outside these industries in expanding horizontally.

Financial Technology

The rapid innovation and growth of FinTech in Travel is driven by consumers' desire for convenience, efficiency and transparency. Our team’s deep roots in Financial Services and Travel enables us to champion a FinTech strategy that will move your business forward. 

Our People

We are led by professionals who are proven executives and innovators in both their industries and functional roles.


David Palmieri

President & CEO


Danny Domenighini

Principal, FinTech & Project Management


Bryan Harwood

Principal, Travel Technology


Pinyot (Pop) Pibulsonggram

Principal Aviation Consultant, Asia


Jae Oh (오재훈 / 吳在勛)



Jordan Fiksenbaum

Principal, Marketing & Branding


Erik Lagesen

SVP, Business Development


Robyn Goetz

Principal, Hospitality


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Tel:+1 (732) 613-4400